Suzanne Gooch is an accomplished Northern California artist. Her work has been described as powerful and poetic.

 “My inspiration to create - to paint, comes from an emotional core. Relationships are what matter most to me and it’s the relationships between figures and forms that pull me to paint. It’s my hope and intention to hold and transport myself and my audience with imagery that provokes thought and wonder. For me, the mystery of exploration inherent in creating a work of art is a process of revealing truth and beauty.

 I start a composition loosely and quickly cover the canvas. This is how I discover the parts of a painting that are fresh and come easily. It’s such a delight when this happens. I’ve gotten wiser about knowing when to recognize this and to leave these areas alone and allow them to guide me in setting the direction for the yet unresolved parts. I believe it’s what I don’t know and the effort that comes from the elements that challenge me, that will keep me forever enthralled in creating. Holding a stick of charcoal in my fingers and hearing the sound of it being pulled across the canvas marks the beginning of a new journey of discovery. The blank canvas is an invitation to enter a playground of possibilities!”