“Of Horse”

Paintings by Suzanne Gooch

These paintings are inspired by Suzanne’s Wyoming western roots and photos taken of the shadows cast when hiking with her horse, Tanner.

“I was bitten by the horse bug as a girl and I’ve never recovered. They are magnificent animals and my intention with these paintings is to show the unique and special relationship that can be had with them.

Tanner and are I are both lucky that he gets to roam free with a small herd. In just a few days after being moved from a corral to a large preserve he found his place and quickly bonded to his herd. His example has shown me the beauty of herd life and freedom and furthers my resolve toward advocating for the protection of our wild horses and keeping them free to roam on our public lands.”

Suzanne lives in Sausalito and her horse and muse, Tanner, lives on Horse Hill in Mill Valley, CA.


Please join in Suzanne in advocating for wild horses and burros by supporting the efforts being made by visiting:




Tanner on Horse Hill, Mill Valley, CA                 Photo courtesy of Bobbie Thompson

Tanner on Horse Hill, Mill Valley, CA                Photo courtesy of Bobbie Thompson

Whee!                                                                                Photo courtesy of Bobbie Thompson

Whee!                                                                               Photo courtesy of Bobbie Thompson